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Who is Kay? Kay is a creature; she is a lifestyle, a genre, a feeling in your gut. Kay is a force of nature, a wanderer. She represents the philosophy of "WIDE OPEN THROTTLE OR DON&rsuoq;T BOTHER DOING IT AT ALL." She’s not trying to be, she just is. Always uncontrollable. SHE’S WANTED.
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Visionaries rarely play by the rules.
The 2010 If You See Kay red wine pours a devilishly dark, deep blood red that verges on becoming black. Take and sip and she hits you with a bold and sensual combination of dry raspberries, juicy blackberry jam, plums, zesty cocoa nibs, and a bit of spice and rock 'n' rolle attitude with moderate tannins and pleasing acidity.
Aromas bring a rich but subtle blend of black raspberry, blackberry and mocha. Find it. Drink it.
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If You See Kay is another innovative offering from visionary winemaker Jayson Woodbridge and partner CHris Radomski, creators of Hundred Acre, Cherry Pie and Layer Cake wines.
Wide open throttle.
Or don’t bother doing it at all.
Quite honestly, this wine is freaking delicious. Deep, dark and definitely well-balanced with enough bold attitude to make me want to drink it sip after sip after sip. Not to mention that I love the label artwork, which makes all those plain beige labels seems so, well&hellips; plain. If You See Kay is worth every penny of the retail price. - Bob

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